Thursday, August 12, 2010

"The Book" by Vangie (poem from Scholastic)

I received a tweet from Scholastic inviting people to read and blog about the poem “The Book” that they had been sent. You can read the poem here:
This poem struck a chord within me as a person who has enjoyed reading since I was a child. This poem latches onto, and successfully describes, that feeling that a reader gets when they find something new to read.  I really liked the line that said, “It was my day because I found a book!” I think that line sums up the excitement of the whole poem. There’s a feeling of anticipation and excitement that bubbles up in a person when they find a brand new piece of literature to jump into. That’s a feeling that can not be replicated by any other experience.  Just like reading itself is an experience that is unlike any other activity we might participate in.
The poem’s author Vangie goes on to say that, “I do not have it any more. I miss my book.” That book, for as long as it was in the author’s possession filled a void, the space in a person’s heart and soul that can only be filled by literature, by gaining insight and experience through reading. There is fulfillment to be gained by simply taking part in the experience of reading. 
The author has wrote in her last line, “Now I have no more books.” I think there is something very important to be understood from this line. I take it for granted that if I want to buy a book, I have the resources to go and simply buy it from the bookstore or borrow it from the library. Not everyone is in the position to have the access to literature that others do. This line really reveals that, for some people, when one book is gone there might not be others on the bookshelf to replace it.
The poem is really touching and really captures the emotions that accompany reading a book, really being enthralled by a piece of literature, as well as the practical circumstances that sometimes don’t allow people to read as much as they would like.
Thanks to Scholastic for posting the poem as it struck a chord inside me as a reader who knows she takes her own personal circumstances for granted too often.


Sandie lee said...

I found myself smiling with that line of "it was my day because I found a book..."

There's nothing like that feeling of jumping into a new story. Unfortunately, I too take for granted that I have a full access to literature.

Thanks for the insiteful post. I'm a new follower from She Writes =)

Sandie lee

Matthew MacNish said...

Thanks for the follow on Twitter, Steph! I stopped by to follow your blog as well.

Nice to meet you!

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